Our History

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The Truth Organization for Youths Inc was founded by Uwem Ekpo and his wife Gloria in February 2004, for charitable, religious, cultural, scientific and educational purposes with the overall goal of helping youths develop positive self confidence and use their cognitive abilities to become responsible citizens and leaders in their communities and in the country.

The President and founder, Uwem Ekpo has a wealth of experience since 1990 working with youths in various countries. He has counseled, mentored and built skills of youths through educational and community outreach programs for youths to encourage them use their creative abilities and talents for the good of the community and their families. He also spent more than nine years in Nigeria counseling youths in social and health matters, impacting life skills to the youths and providing vocational training opportunities for youths.

In 2000, these services were extended to the Gambia, providing guidance and counselling, food and clothing and vocational training for the youths in the Gambia including street youths. With great passion for youths anywhere he lives and works, Uwem Ekpo in 2004, established the Truth Organization for Youths Inc, to help address youth problems in the United States.

Over the years, he has seen young men and women pass through life without directions and goals. His conviction is that there is a purpose for every individual who lives in the world. But few people ever live to discover their purpose for living. The remaining majority, if not assisted will just pass through the world without any meaningful contribution to the world which God has divinely mandated us to subdue, dominate and harness.

The youth of any nation is its strength, wealth and power house of a nation. A smooth transition mentally, physically, psychologically and socially from adolescents to adulthood is often the desire of every family and nation. In recent times this has not been the case for the majority of youths in the world. The political, economical, social, cultural and environmental have adversely affected the growth, health and strength of the youths in every nation and developed countries are not spared the effects.

If a nation toy with or neglect them, she does so at her own peril. On the other hand, if she cherish and nurture them properly and invest in them, she will have at her disposal, a bank of potentials, great asset, whose contributions to total development to the nation and humanity will be limitless.

Since then the Organization has been reaching out to youths and equipping them with the necessary skills to meet the challenges in physical, emotional, health, and societal issues that confront them. He is advocating for like minded individuals to invest in the lives of youths and give them another chance, a second chance to be who they were really meant to be. Thank you

Uwem Ekpo