Our core competences of the Truth Organization for Youths Inc. have been in the area of counseling and mentorship of youths in their academics, social, career and spiritual lives, management of youth crises, communication skills development, vocational training, rehabilitation of youths and leadership training.

A. Youths Salvage Project
The Organization reaches out to youths with:

I) Counseling and Mentorship in all areas of life through services of trained counselors and youth peer educators;

II) Education, careers guidance, coaching and literacy programs, life skill development, communication and negotiation skills, healthy eating and nutrition, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS prevention, financial management, physical exercises; building self-confidence and self- esteem;

III) Provision of vocational training resources and job placements for out-of-school youths or dropouts;

IV) Provision of food and clothing to youths in need;

V) Promoting good relationship and tolerance among youths of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds; and

VI) Sensitize parents, guardians and the community to the needs of youths.  Read more.


B. Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Orphanhood is not a disease but a social problem of which children are the victims. It is the responsibility of adults, the society and national Governments to provide a safety net for these children to have a better quality of life. The plight of orphans is numerous especially when both parents are dead and no one in the community to provide support for them. Read more.


C. Medical Outreach

The World Health Organization (WHO) definition of health, as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity is yet to be attained for the majority of the people in rural communities in developing countries.
The majority of the health problems in developing countries are preventable, including childhood illnesses, malnutrition, malaria, pneumonia, HIV and AIDS tuberculosis, skin infections, hernia, diarrhea and parasitic infestations are common health problems. Access to health services is limited and the cost for services is a significant barrier. As a result many infants and women are sick and die many needless deaths.  Read more.

D. Building Church Leadership

The overall goal of the project is to connect, build and equip local community and faith-based organizational skills for effective, coordination, networking and communication of their programs for responsible leadership. Read more.