The organization provides services to the youths without discriminatory by age, gender, race, color, ethnic background, creed or social status. Although the services are offered free to the youths, the Organization depends on general public support to implement its activities. With greater demand for the services at the Center, the Organization has grown to acquiring an office space in order to serve the youth in the community better through counseling, skills building and vocational training, donation of food and clothing throughout the year!
When you give to the Organization, your gifts will also be multiplied. By giving monthly, you help to smooth out the seasonal ups and downs associated with charitable giving. Monthly pledges created a strong foundation which helps to build the Organization. Your monthly gift will help support the work of the Organization such as:
Counseling,  Career Guidance, Educational Training & Workshop, Life Skills Development, Vocational Training Resources, Welfare Support-Food & Clothing, Social & Spiritual Support and Special Events &
Holiday Dinners 

Ways to support the Organization include:

Be a Vision Partner
Serve as a Volunteer
Serve as a dedicated Staff
Make your Donations today (school materials, food, clothing, relevant books, physical fitness equipment and other technical support).
Write a check in favor of The Truth Organization for Youths Inc


1. Volunteer your Time and Talents
2. Be a partner
3. Donate to support our programs
4. Sponsor youth activities
5. Sponsor a youth
6. Check to support Truth Organization for Youth Inc during the    Maryland Employee Charity Campaign
7. Include the Truth Organization for Youh Inc in your Will
8. Be a Dedicated Staff Member