The Truth Organization for Youths Inc, is a not-for-profit 501© (3) Federal Tax-Exempt (EIN: 75 314 7948) charitable youth-friendly organization established in 2004 to address the increasing problems of the youths helping them deal positively with life challenges to achieve their live goals and become responsible citizens and leaders in the family, community, nation and the world at large. 
Several socio-economic, cultural, societal and environmental factors have all contributed to the increase in risky social and sexual life styles seen in youths. These therefore manifest as increased violence and crimes, smoking, drug abuse, depression and risky sexual behavior with the resultant increased in STDs including HIV/AIDS. The prevalence of these problems is greatest among the ethnic minority, the immigrants and in low-income groups.
This organization exists therefore to reduce some of these problems among the youths through counseling and mentorship, educational and career skills building, provision of physical needs with food and clothing, vocational and skill development for youths.
Our targets are youths with risky social and sexual behavior, youths of ethnic minorities, youths from poor and low income families, broken homes or with parents who are incarcerated, involved in one addiction or the other and are homeless. Our service to the youths is without discrimination by color, race, gender, ethnicity, creed or socio-economic status
The overall impact of these youth-salvage activities assist many more youths to stay and perform better in school, achieve their career goals, be gainfully employed, reduce risky sexual and social behavior, reduce teenage pregnancy and incidence of HIV and AIDS, reduce depression, suicidal tendencies, violence and crime rates in the community, thereby making our neighborhood safer for all to live, work, develop and invest in.